Our mission is to treat devastating diseases through the intracellular delivery of biologics

We believe the efficient delivery of biologics into the cell can effectively treat certain devastating diseases.

Our novel approach addresses current challenges associated with both large and small molecule therapeutics. It represents a fundamental advancement in the delivery of molecules into the cytosol.

Who we are

Entrada Therapeutics is comprised of dedicated experts and leaders in both biologics development and the rare disease space. Our team is focused on advancing our proprietary intracellular biologics platform to yield treatments for patients with devastating diseases.

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Dipal Doshi

President and Chief Executive Officer

Natarajan Sethuraman, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Mario Saltarelli, MD, PhD

Chief Medical Officer

Board of Directors

Dipal Doshi

President and Chief Executive Officer

Kush M Parmar, MD, PhD

Managing Partner,
5AM Ventures

Todd Foley

Managing Director,
MPM Capital

Anja Harmeier, PhD

Investment Director,
Roche Venture Fund

Christine Brennan, PhD

Partner, MRL Ventures Fund

Lou Tartaglia, PhD

Venture Partner,
5AM Ventures

John F. Crowley

Chairman and CEO, Amicus Therapeutics

Scientific Advisory Board

Dehua Pei, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Scientific Advisor

Harvey Levy, MD

Senior Physician in Medicine, Boston Children’s Hospital; Professor of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School

Leonard Post, PhD

Former Chief Scientific Officer, BioMarin Pharmaceutical

Lou Tartaglia, PhD

Venture Partner,
5AM Ventures

Our Investors