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At Entrada we are bringing hope to new patient communities through our commitment to the treatment of devastating diseases.

Our Values

We exist to help our patients and their families live better lives. At Entrada we are tackling a wide range of diseases and targets. Our team is comprised of dedicated experts and leaders focused on advancing our technology platform to yield treatments for patients in need.

We all love science, but our values also bind us together to create an environment that is as unique as our science. We are building a company culture where you can be your authentic self and feel supported so that you can do your best work.

  • Humanity

    We genuinely care about patients and about one another

  • Tenacity

    We're relentless and persistent in the pursuit of developing therapies for patients

  • Creativity

    We're creative problem solvers

  • Collaboration

    We're more than the sum of our parts

  • Curiosity

    We've got a growth mindset

Meet Our Entradans

  • Kimberli Kamer

    Kimberli Kamer

    Scientist, Pharmacology
  • Leo Qian

    Leo Qian

    Co-founder & Head, Discovery Research
  • Nick Long

    Nick Long

    Scientist, Antibody & Protein Engineering
  • Luis Sandoval

    Luis Sandoval

    Research Associate, Fermentation
  • Catherine O'Brien

    Catherine O'Brien

    Head, Clinical Operations
  • Patrick Dougherty

    Patrick Dougherty

    Scientist, Discovery Chemistry

What Sets Us Apart:

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