Patients Come First

At Entrada, our efforts are guided by you – the people and families we are working to help. Each of your lived experiences is unique and offers important insights into the process of drug development to ensure the best possible outcomes. Your perspectives inform everything we do – from how we grow our team and build our research programs to the therapies we’re working to develop and how we will make them available.

In addition to the values that define our company culture, we are guided by a steadfast commitment to “patient-focused drug development.” To us, this means asking questions and making decisions that are informed by your real-life experiences and considering the needs of the whole person – recognizing that no one is defined by their medical needs alone.

Understanding your experience and perspective is the foundation for our team to build scientific insights that we hope will lead to new therapies.

Partnership with Patient Communities

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Our mission is to treat devastating diseases, and we can't do it alone. We believe that collaborating with community-based organizations and other stakeholders will advance science, improve treatments and expand access faster than by working on our own.

That's why we partner with patient advocacy organizations throughout the process – from a program's beginning through clinical development and beyond. We listen and learn from advocacy organizations and other stakeholders to ensure our programs are informed by diverse community perspectives. 

Nothing makes us happier than spending time at community events. From awareness days and family conferences to local workshops and fundraising walks, some of our best days are when we’re spending time together with you.

A Closer Look At Our Research Focus

Stronger Than Duchenne

“Our lead programs target Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We recognize the Duchenne community's deep experience in clinical research and are grateful for the work of so many who have come before us to create a collaborative environment that is welcoming to novel research. As our development programs advance in the clinic, we look forward to learning from the experiences of those living with Duchenne and their families, and to keeping the community informed of our progress.”

Nerissa Kreher, MD, Chief Medical Officer 

At its core, the role of patient advocacy at Entrada serves as a bridge between our colleagues and the patient communities we are here to help.

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As Head of Patient Advocacy, Regan leads Entrada’s interactions with non-profit organizations, patient advocates, individuals and families in the Duchenne muscular dystrophy and other rare disease communities. Regan brings nearly two decades of experience to this role, working previously as a cancer community advocate and having held various patient advocacy roles in the biotechnology industry.

Regan holds a BA in Health Communication Studies from James Madison University and has a long record of engaging with people and families living with serious health conditions. She believes that hope is a verb and that the future is not inevitable.

"Leading patient advocacy is my role, but all of us at Entrada have a responsibility to seek the perspective of patients and apply those insights to our work. This team approach to patient engagement is what attracted me to Entrada. A core belief that working alongside patient communities is not just the right thing to do, but critical to our success as a company."

Regan Sherman, Director, Patient Advocacy

We are committed to operating clinical trials that are inclusive, diverse and accessible. As we prepare to move our programs from the lab to the clinic, we're learning about the latest strategies to promote diversity in clinical research and selecting partners who share in this commitment.

We're building a company from the ground up and we're steadfast in our commitment to get this right – for our employees, our communities and the patients we are working to help.

For feedback or questions about any of Entrada’s development programs, please email